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There are  many titled Hoofprint dogs. We are very proud that most all of these titles were earned

by the dogs new owers. 

If you would like a good looking, intelligent pet, please check us out. Very few of our dogs are sold to breeders, we prefer that they go and live in people's homes as their beloved pet. We average two litters of pups a year. Even though we have many adult dogs here. All our dogs have been x-rayed for Hip Dysplasia since 1975. In 1991 I started to x-ray for elbow dysplasia. All the breeding males here are certified free of both Hip and Elbow dysplasia. Hoofprint Winter Elegance  read more…                                          Hoofprint Flurry  read more… There are Hoofprint White Shepherds in every Province in Canada including the Northwest Territories, and Straits of Labrador. Many are in homes all over the USA, plus Mexico, Cuba, France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Porto Rico.
 Joanne Chanyi & Hoofprint Pancho Lynsdens Angus
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The   goal   at   HOOFPRINT   is   to   produce   a   nice looking     pup     that     can     compete     in     both conformation   and   obedience,   or   be   trained   in the   many   area's   of   service   work.   We   know that   no   dog   is   perfect,   so   we   will   give   you   an honest   evaluation   of   our   dogs,   we   are   not afraid   to   tell   you   their   faults.   We   try   very   hard to   breed   the   best   dogs   we   can   to   give   you   a healthy,   happy,   and   intelligent   dog,   that   will be   your   friend   for   life.   This   is   something   we have been doing since 1968.   

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Beth Barklay and her SAR dogs Sirius, Czar and Fearghas  read more…
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