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Ancestors of Hoofprint dogs

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Jo-el's Tezrha with 4 of her kids
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Sunny White Cloud

Sunny White Cloud Dec ' 66 -Dec ' 81 Sire: Sargent Major of Snow Capa Dam: Snow-Capa's Frauline Bred by Karol R. Jelskis

Ginny Snow Storm

Oct ' 70 Sire: Buchanan's Frosty Boy Dam: Babes Snow Queen Bred by Ruth Buchanan

Housen Joy White Chinook

Oct 1971 Sire: White Shadows Chinookie Dam: Camelote White Mischief Bred by Barbara A Slenir

Pachesa’s Jude

Oct 71-80 Sire: Patty-Lins White Jerico Dam: Rin Von heidi Bred by Linda Combs

Imperial Snow Duchess

July 1972 Sire: Old Dependable Snow Prince Dam: Old Dependable Silver Duchess Bred by Loe and Betty Lahar

Lady Tanya XXIV

Feb 1973 Sire: Sir Big John Dam: Heide Tanya III Bred by George and Dorothy Smart

Demons Frosty Snowman

Apr. 1974 Sire: Scofields Rex Von Finn Dam: White Demonolgy Bred by Emory Wyatt

Comb's Bergandy of Hoofprint

Aug. 1974 Sire: Patty Lins White Jerico Dam: Rin von Heidi Bred by Linda Combs

Katri Von Finn

Apr 1975 Sire: Scofield's Rex von Finn Dam: Lonni Von Finn Bred By Terttu (Terri) Scofield

Lucys Boneca Von Rin

Mar. 1976 Sire: Baron Von Meter Dam: Jo-els Charmer Bred by Elaine Florio

Lucy's Bronco Eldu-Mibach

June 1977 Sire: Joart's Cherokee Dam: Lucy's Boneca Von rin Bred by Lucy Fasano

Jo-els Quota

Dec 1978 Sire: Lucy's Bronco Eldu-Mibach Dam: Jo-els Isis Von Atlas Bred by Elaine Florio

Jo-els Tezrha

Feb 1980 - 1989 Sire: Montana Von Finn Dam: Jo-el's Honey Bred by Elaine Florio

Hoofprint Midnight Too

Nov. 1981 Sire: Hoofprint Midnight Dam: Hoofprint Candy-O Bred by Jim Service

Windstrom's Wolfen Kyber Nomad

Dec 1986 Sire: Windstrom's Lone Wolf Dam: Windstrom' Djuna Von Finn Bred by Jill Losee

Cherokee of Hoofprint

Dec 1983 Hoofprint Pancho Tika Belle Dec 83 Bred by Martha Andrews

Rin Tin Tins General Lee

Nov 1991- apr 2001 Sire: Rin Tin Tins No Nonsence Dam: Rin Tin Tins Bubbette Bred by Joseph Imparato and Daphne Hereford

Rin Tin Tins Stonewall J

Nov 1991 Sire: Rin Tin Tins No Nonsence Dam: Rin Tin Tins Bubbette Bred by Joseph Imparato and Daphne Hereford

Rin Tin Tins Caro Nome

Apr. 1993 - 2003 Rin Tin Tins General Lee Rin Tin Tins LeFlocon La Ne Bred by Joseph Imparato

Rin Tin Tins Le Flocon La Ne

Feb 1991 Bodyguards Fido Jo Hildaguard Von Buechner Bred by Bruce & Joan Buechner

Lyndons Angus

May 1991 - dec 2000 Hoofprint Lancer Hoofprint Wellena Brenna Bred by Lynda Proulx

Keltickbrae's Zsofia of Angus

Owner: Lynda Proulx

Ch Keltick's Emmett

D.o.B: 11/27/1999 Owner: Lynda Proulx

Ch Sandhill's Axis

D.o.B: 03/03/2003 Breeder: Brad and Julie Hansen Owner: Lynda Proulx

CH Sandhill's Twister

D.o.B: 07/06/2001 Breeder: Brad and Julie Hansen Owner: Lynda Proulx
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RB Ch. Lynsdens Phedre

Born June 6 - 2007 Bred and Owned by Lynda Proulx Sire: Hoofprint Samurai OVC H/E Dam: Lynsdens Odell,  OVC H/E