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Sale Conditions and Guarantee   

Your new pup will have been Veterinary checked, wormed and have it's first set of shots. It will be tattooed in the ear, and you will get a 5 generation pedigree with the pup. All my dogs are Canadian Kennel Club registered and you will receive it's CKC papers transferred into your name. THE GUARANTEE IS GOOD FOR 5 YEARS TO THE ORIGINAL BUYER: Your pup is guaranteed to be healthy and free from hereditary defect. Please take your puppy to your own Veterinarian within 48 hours and have it checked. If the pup is sick or has anything wrong with it, have your veterinary sign a statement describing the problem and I will exchange it or refund your full purchase price immediately. If any problems arise after 2 weeks. Refer to the terms of the guarantee that you purchased your pup under. Please note: That I do not pay any of your Veterinary bills, nor can I guarantee the pups coat to stay pure white, nor to keep the dark nose, as some pups develop some cream in the coat or the nose may lighten as they mature. 1. PURCHASED WITH A NON BREEDING CONTRACT: This pup is considered to be pet quality and can not be used for breeding. It should be spayed or neutered. If any heredity problems arise, that the pup can not live a pain free life, or requires constant medication to keep it comfortable, or if the dog develops over a grade 1 Hip dysplasia. I will replace, or refund your purchase price [my option] I will require a note from your Veterinary stating exactly what the problem is, before making a determination. Note: A dog having a grade 1 hip dysplasia should not show signs of discomfort. 2. PURCHASED WITH BREEDING RIGHTS: This pup in my opinion should be good enough to be used for breeding. It must be x-rayed before being bred. If the pup shows any type of heredity problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia, ears that don't stand, cryptorchid or monorchidism, it should not be used for breeding. In such case, a note from your veterinary is required, stating exactly what the problem is and I will either replace the pup or refund your purchase price [my option]. We do stand behind our guarantee and ask you to contact us if you have any problems. Let our years of experience work for you. We are always here to help you- especially after the sale. If for any reason you have to part with your Hoofprint puppy or dog, and can not find a good home for it, please contact us. We sometimes have people wanting an older dog, if not we will help you find a home for it, or we will take the dog back, until a good home can be found. Please under no circumstances do we want you to take your dog to an animal shelter or humane society. They can not find homes for most of these dogs and many are put to sleep.

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Private Non Breeding Agreement

I / we, ______________________________, agree to abide by this private agreement with, ______________________________, on said puppy tattooed ____________________. Any Violations and / or breach of this private agreement will constitute an agreed amount of set fines as follows: $2000.00 fine for each breeding breach, $500.00 for each offspring of the said White German Shepherd dog tattooed number ____________________. The breaching party is responsible for all legal expenses. If this dog is bred while this Private Agreement is in effect, ownership and physical possession of the dog tattooed number ________________ shall immediately revert to the breeder, with no compensation to the buyer. I / we will not breed said White German Shepherd dog Tattooed number ___________________. I / we understand if we breed the one said white German Shepherd dog tattooed number ____________________ on purpose or by accident, will constitute a violation of both this Private agreement and the Non-breeding contract filed with the Canadian Kennel Club [Animal Pedigree act] Section 15.1 of the clubs by-laws. And the set fines are due and payable immediately to _____________________________. I / we have read and understand this private agreement and agree to abide by it. Buyer [s]_____________________________________ Date _______________


Buyer [s]_____________________________________ Date _______________   Seller _______________________________________ Date _______________ Witness _____________________________________ Date ________________

Purchasing Contracts

Download the private non-breeding contract: non-breeding agreement in Words Document klick here non-breeding contract in Adobe Acrobat Reader klick here