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50 years of Hoofprint White Shepherds

In   the   60's,   I   bought   my   first   unregistered   white   shepherd   female   pup.   Little   did   I   know   that   this   would   be   the   start   of   an adventure   that   would   last   me   a   lifetime.   I   live   on   12   acres   of   land   with   my   husband   John.   I   have   two   sons,   Wayne   and Allan.   We   also   raise   Arabian   Horses,   which   is   where   the   farm   name   of   Hoof   Print   originated.   We   also   have   some   Fallow deer along with a few other critters around here. In   1968,   my   first   litter   of   White   Shepherd   pups   was   born.   That   was   the   beginning   of   a   breeding   program   lasting   over   40 years.   When   I   first   started   breeding,   there   were   very   few   breeders   in   my   area,   so   I   had   to   keep   whatever   bloodlines   I needed   to   carry   on.   Several   of   my   dogs   still   trace   back   to   my   first   registered   male   "Sunny   White   Cloud"   that   I   bought   in January, 1967. In   1972,   I   joined   the   newly   formed   White   Shepherd   Club   of   Canada.   This   was   right   after   their   first   show   --   the   only   WSCC show   I   ever   missed.   Shortly   after   I   joined   the   club,   I   was   talked   into   taking   an   executive   position;   they   told   me   the   2nd   vice president   really   didn't   have   to   do   anything.   "Sure!"   Shortly   afterward,   the   1st   VP   resigned   and   moved   out   West. This   made me   1st   VP,   but   with   still   not   much   to   do   except   that   his   wife,   Elaine   Twanow,   our   newsletter   editor   and   secretary   was leaving   also.   Elaine   came   up   with   the   idea   that   if   each   member   wrote   something   and   brought   it   to   the   next   meeting,   we could   all   put   it   together   and   we'd   have   a   newsletter.   Well   I   was   young   and   foolish   back   then,   and   it   was   at   this   same   time that   I   found   out   a   dog   I   had   purchased   had   Hip   Dysplasia,   which   led   me   to   start   to   x-ray   all   my   dogs.   So   I   wrote   about   my dogs   having   bad   hips   and   how   it   affected   me.   Well   I   was   the   only   person   to   write   anything   for   the   newsletter,   so   I   was given   the   job   of   putting   the   rest   of   that   newsletter   together.   I   had   never   written   an   article   in   my   life   before   this,   but   from 1975   until   1993   I   was   the   editor.   Lynda   moved   in   with   us   in   1992   and   started   to   help   out.   I   finally   convinced   her   that   she would   be   a   great   editor   and   I   bowed   out.   I   have   held   an   executive   position   of   some   kind   or   another   in   this   club   since   I   first took on the job of 2nd VP until now. In   1982,   the   WSCC Annual   Fall   show   was   moved   to   Hoofprint   Farm,   where   it   has   been   held   every   year   since.   It   has   gone from   a   one-day   show,   once   a   year,   to   two-day   shows   twice   a   year.   As   an   executive   member   of   the   WSCC,   I   was   very involved   in   our   fight   for   over   20   years   to   keep   the   White   Shepherd   from   being   disqualified   from   the   CKC   show   ring   in Canada. On January 1, 1998, we lost this battle. I   was   a   member   of   the   White   German   Shepherd   Dog   Club   International   for   over   20   years,   and   was   one   of   the   founding members   of   the American   White   Shepherd Association   (AWSA).   I   have   also   been   a   member   of   the   Canadian   Kennel   Club (CKC) since 1970. Showing   and   training   dogs   was   never   one   of   my   strong   points.   I   always   had   to   talk   someone   else   into   showing   them   for me. Lynda Proulx has been doing a great job of showing my dogs since she moved in with us back in 1992. The   only   time   I   took   obedience   classes   I   was   told   it   was   a   good   thing   I   was   a   breeder,   cause   I'd   never   make   a   trainer!!! Breeding   has   been   the   challenge   that   I   love   and   enjoy.   Not   every   litter   has   turned   out   as   good   as   I   would   have   liked,   but some   have   been   better.   The   friends   that   I   have   made   all   over   the   world,   just   because   of   my   White   Shepherds,   has   been the best part of my life. Breeding   White   Shepherds   can   be   such   an   enjoyment,   so   long   as   you   don't   take   winning   or   losing   seriously,   and   just   enjoy the love that these wonderful animals give us.
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Hoofprint Belzena

Arabian Horses

HPF Zelda - 1992 Mare
The Arabian   Horse   has   always   been   my   first   love.   My   first Arabian   was   a   wedding   gift   from   John.   I   have   always   had   at least one or more around since then. Our   herd   is   small,   but   we   feel   they   are   of   good   quality.   We   strive   to   produce   an   Arabian   that   is   sensible   and   easy   to handle. At the moment HPF Zelda is our only horse.
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HPF ZELDA - 1992 mare Jandara Fadheka x Amira Zaida
AMIRA ZAIDA   Haylcon x Amira Kabila
The Hoofer