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My first litter of White Shepherds was whelped in 1991. Before that time I owned standard coloured GSDs. At that time I was into obedience and trained dogs for other people. Its been at least ten years since I seriously worked a dog in obedience. These days I spend my time in the conformation ring. I've been a member of the CKC since 1987 and in 1988 I joined the White Shepherd Club of Canada. I became the WSCC Secretary in 1990 and have had the position and a few more ever since. At some point I took over the position of Newsletter Editor. I'm also an active member of the American White Shepherd Association and the Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario. But my real love is showing the White Shepherd in Conformation. Lynda is also UKC Conformation Judge…
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Lynsden's D General

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Lynsdens Angus and kids
Lynsdens Phedre
Lynsdens X-Rated
Lynsdens Vision
Keltick's Emmett
Hoofprint Lancelot and Lynda
Lynsdens Odell
Lynsdens Angus and Lynda
Hoofprint Samurai - pup
Lynsdens Kytyn
Lynsdens Moxy
Lynsdens Rufus - pup
Keltics Emmett, Marz and Max - 2006
Lynsdens D General with Jake and Dejango - 2002
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